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Does your lawn need an overhaul? We have an app for that. Sometimes an unsightly lawn needs a makeover after being neglected, or during the start of a new lawn. If that is the case, we can help. We can put your lawn back on track with a total Lawn Renovation. We can totally change your lawn into a more deep-green look, that is more disease and drought resistant. Also, with the type of grass we sow, it is more favorable to cut.

Take advantage of newer propigated seeds to ensure a beautiful, more durable, weed-free lawn. As a respectable company in our area, we would like to convey to the community on when is the best time to seed. The best grass seeding time in our part of the country is the very first week of September. The bigger window of oppurtunity for lawn seeding is from late August to about the last week of September. Other companies use pressurized sale tactics to get unaware customers to pay for a costly overseeding service. We are warning you the faithful paying customer not to buy into these services. 

Overseeding an existing lawn only produces a germination rate of less than 10%. If you are paying for the service wouldn't a germination rate of 90% make more sense. You cannot contradict mother nature. As a matter of fact when customers call us to request this service, we talk them out of it. We know that overseeding on top of grass doesn't work. If it did everyone would have a perfect lawn. The only approach of reseeding is power seeding your lawn to ensure a good seed to soil contact. Also, this method needs to be performed in the optimal window of time as stated above. Late August to late September. We may perform less lawn seeding jobs doing it the right way, but we have more, well pleased, happy customers. 
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