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Fertilization helps keep your lawn healthy, green and free of weeds and pests. Grass, like all plants, requires extra nutrients to grow strong. When harsh weather or drought hits, fertilizer keeps grass resilient. In our fertilization program, we use industry best practices and the best fertilizer products to keep your yard healthy. Our use of long-lasting, slow-feeding program that gives your grass a steady nutrient feed over a longer, more sustained period. This keeps grass from growing too quickly and requiring extra mowing, while also keeping the grass thick and green. 


This is where we separate ourselves from our competitors. We use the best products on the market to keep weeds out of your grass and also keep grass growing strong. When tackling tough, resilient weeds, we take great care to target the roots and stop weeds from coming back without leaving harmful residue on your grass. Klein's Turf Care takes pride in every lawn and every blade of grass on every property. We walk every lawn to ensure the best quality possible and eliminate the use of machines that can damage sensitive grass. 


The proper measure of oxygen and other gases must be present in the soil for grass to grow healthy. We use revolutionary practices to aerate the soil and keep grass growing strong and healthy. We are always looking for new ways to get lawns growing stronger and soil aeration techniques can make the difference between lush, green grass, and short dry grass. 

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